“Life doesn’t end at 25. life doesn’t end at 27 or 30 either. life doesn’t end at 35 or 45. life doesn’t end at 65. it doesn’t matter how old you are, when you decide to get your high school degree or start a family. it doesn’t matter when you decide to go run a… Continue reading Life


Smell of a woman! This is one of the best posts I have read about a woman … please read it completely … it’s worth it … woman. . . . . . . . . When God created the woman He worked late on Friday ……. An angel came and asked. “Why spend so… Continue reading Woman

Did You Notice

Source: Living FULLPhoto credit: Joolsannie Art Did you notice the lunches packed and bagged with everyone’s favorite foods, crusts cut-off sandwiches, all ready to go? She did it.⁣⁣Did you notice the sink is all empty from last night, where every single bowl and plate was dirty? She did it.⁣⁣Did you notice the pantry stuffed with… Continue reading Did You Notice


Source: Leila Brown FB Saw a pretty amazing thing tonight at the gym. This firefighter was on the stair climber in full equipment, including his mask and oxygen tank. After about a half hour, I saw him finishing and taking his gear off so I went over to tell him how much I respected what… Continue reading 9/11


👏 👏 👏Written by: Reckless Recovery This water bottle at the supermarket is worth $0.50. The same bottle at a hotel is $3, and at an airport, $5. Same bottle, same brand. The only thing that changes is the place. Each place gives a different value to the same item. When you feel worthless, change… Continue reading Worth


Source: Embers You know what really makes this situation dark? It’s the shade of frustration of being unable to play our role the conventional way. If you think friendship is only about being there and giving time, then it’s hard to be a friend right now. If you think, love is about fancy dates and… Continue reading Frustration


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