There’s only so much lemonade that you can make in a given point in time. Don’t buy into the narrative that you always have to see only the positive side of things.

Life is not about just appreciating the good. It is also about embracing the bad and the inbetweens, acknowledging that they exist, while understanding that they don’t last forever (even the good times!).

Life gets easier and more liveable when we recognize things for what they are and accept how different experiences make different impacts on us. Joy, success, anger, grief, frustration, failure, peace, conflict, etc.

It’s about finding the strength to move forward when you can, to pause if you need to rest, and to ask for help if doing things alone seems impossible 🙂

There’s no one way to live your life. Continue learning, continue asking, continue searching. Find a way of life that is most meaningful to you 🙂

Hugs to living life up to now 🤗

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