Source: Embers

You know what really makes this situation dark? It’s the shade of frustration of being unable to play our role the conventional way. If you think friendship is only about being there and giving time, then it’s hard to be a friend right now. If you think, love is about fancy dates and travel goals, then it’s hard to show love right now. If you think, diligence is about overtime and taking risks, then the greatest employee is probably dead by now. And who else would take account for the loss if what’s lost is life?

It is indeed a frustrating time because we couldn’t be what we usually could be. We couldn’t be a friend who will embrace you when you feel down. We couldn’t be the one who would take our loved ones in a breathtaking place with memories to create. We couldn’t be that good employee just because we turn off our phones after our shift. Although our bosses will lead us into a guilt trip insisting we have the convenience from working at home. And so they will feel entitled to the time that we set for the best people of our lives.

So please, if you can adjust your perspective, please appreciate the people who are doing all they could to check you in, to make you feel loved, and even to validate your existence. You know what I mean. Please be the person to check in, to make one feel loved, and to validate one’s existence. Do not wait for a reciprocal. Now is not the time for petty things.

If a friend told you, he will pray for you. Please do not belittle it. Because that is the most loving thing a person can ever do to you. Understand that now is not the time to demand their physical or even digital presence. People are emotionally down. People are already drowning including your friend whom you expect to always be there.

Now is the time when we need to understand that love is canceling our plans and staying put. Now is the time to not equate diligence to the risk an employee does at his work. Now is the time when we have to accept that the only constant medium for intimacy is prayer. Now is the time when love could prominently mean keeping you alive.

Defy that frustration. Play your role even if it would be done the way you are not used to.

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